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ADD, MVA & Stimulants


According to this article use of stimulants reduces the risk of motor vehicle accidents in people diagnosed with ADD, but what if taking the drugs reduces the risk for all drivers?

While some prescribers eagerly diagnose almost anyone with ADD, others bend over backward to avoid making the diagnosis. This means that some who have ADD will not get treatment while others who do not suffer from the disorder will end up taking the drugs. An absolute objective method of diagnosing the disorder does not exist.

Do we know that use of stimulants while driving might not reduce risk of accidents for people who do not have ADD? Should we allow anyone who so chooses to take the drugs? If their use has nothing to do with an illness, should medical professionals have any role at all? Adults need no prescription for alcohol or nicotine, and even kids need no prescription for caffeine.

Do we know that risks associated with potential addiction or misuse outweigh risks associated with driving? Do we know how many might die unnecessarily as a result of restrictive drug policy?