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DEA: If It Doesn't Work, We Do It Again


The black market created and sustained by DEA's failed "war on drugs" and restrictive drug policy has predictably created an incentive for cartels to produce numerous dangerous and addictive analogs to fentanyl. Now DEA wants us to believe that scrambling too late to "schedule" these drugs will save American lives (likely at the expense of Mexican lives).

Designer drugs predictably resulted from prohibition of pharmaceuticals. Had the U.S. government not outlawed opium dens decades ago, that relatively safer drug use might not have been replaced by drugs whose danger lies less in the drugs themselves, than in the consequences of unregulated black market distribution -- and subsequent incentives to create and market designer drugs. 

I predict this "new" initiative, like those before it, will do more harm than good. DEA's motto must be, "If it doesn't work, keep doing it!" If we make all drugs available to adults over-the-counter without prescription, we can reduce or eliminate incentives to develop dangerous unregulated analogs.