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On May 25 GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) takes effect, supposedly granting certain "rights" to residents of European Union countries, but subjecting Web businesses everywhere that obtain personal information to risk of exorbitant fines. The implications for Behavenet might require legal advice that Behavenet cannot afford, and will likely benefit lawyers everywhere more than anyone else. I predict this will also force thousands of small Web sites to simply shut down.

Behavenet only directly collects covered information for subscribers to the newsletter. As a result of this ill-conceived regulation, a blatant attack on American businesses, I will require explicit consent for those who want to continue receiving the newsletter. After sending the May 24 newsletter I will delete all subscribers identifiable as residing in EU countries. 

If you reside in an EU country, you are no longer welcomed to use Behavenet. Please exercise your freedom to do so by  leaving the site now, and do not return. I do not want you here.

Speaking of "rights," I have a right to never set foot in the EU again and to do my best to avoid spending my money there. I encourage other Americans to boycott the EU and products made there. I applaud Brexit and hope other countries will exit.