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DEA: Make the Cartels Great Again


The drug cartels, not to mention your average drug dealer and all the middle men, should see the light at the end of the tunnel. All those physicians overprescribing "legal" opiates must have seriously hurt their business by flooding the market with high quality, even labeled(!) drugs subsidized by third party payers, driving down prices for heroin. 

Fear no more! The U.S. DEA has a plan to revive the cartels, restoring their profitability.

It's simple economics.

Close the pain clinics. Send the prescribers to prison (or at least limit how much they can prescribe). Restrict pharmaceutical company supplies to pharmacies (and as of today, sue them, too). Pharmacies will help by restricting how much they dispense.

Restrict supply. Demand stays the same. Price goes up. Profits go up. How can I invest?