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Mary Klein: Death with Dignity


A colleague shared this article about the recently enacted Washington, D.C. death with dignity (assisted suicide) law which, as in several states, allows physicians to prescribe lethal doses of drugs to allow terminally ill patients to end their lives when they, rather than their disease, choose.

Mary should not have to contest the definition of suicide.  The stigma stems from the popular association of suicide with mental illness which likewise does not deserve stigma. Suicide means killing yourself, regardless of the circumstances. We are all dying. Mary just may have a better sense of when it will happen to her than most of the rest of us. 

Support Mary Klein and others who should not have to resort to violent means to end their lives when they choose simply because one of the best means requires a prescription. All competent adults have a right to choose when to die.

I will comment on the rest of the article next week.