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The Pied Piper of St Petersburg


In yet another misguided attempt on the part of government to solve the opioid problem by assigning blame, the Pinellas County, Florida Commission reportedly contemplates filing a host of lawsuits, now including prescribers. Some physicians have already encouraged refusal to treat officials and attorneys behind this witch hunt. Some have also suggested they may stop practicing in the area.

Physicians, on the other hand, have few misgivings about the class-action lawsuit filed by four towns in West Virginia against the Joint Commission for encouraging more liberal use of narcotic analgesics in its reviews of hospitals. 

Government should allow physicians to devote their time to diagnosing and treating the sick. Responsibility for addiction was never part of the deal. The Pied Piper piped the children out of Hamlin. Will the physicians of Pinellas County pipe themselves away?