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Quotas Help Cartels


Restriction of manufacture of controlled substances will, like other futile attempts to control the uncontrollable, cause more harm by propping up the black market. Tell DEA to abandon this very bad idea.

Attempts to restrict production will almost certainly lead to increased suffering on the part of patients with legitimate need for opiate analgesia, but they will also lead to increases in the use of heroin and other more dangerous non-pharmaceutical drugs and consequently more overdose deaths and toxic damage.

Such restrictions will also increase costs in time and money for legitimate use. When a pharmacy runs out, prescribers must scramble to help the patient find a substitute drug or another source for the prescribed drug. Patients and care-givers will waste time looking for a pharmacy that has the drug. 

More bad policy adds to the evidence that DEA serves no good purpose. Let us eliminate it altogether and implement rational policy that has a chance of reducing harm.