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Johnny Depp, Penelope Cruz, Franka Potente
cocaine | coca leaves | coca paste | marijuana
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Workers harvest coca leaves, extract, manufacture from paste and package cocaine powder for shipment. (0:00)

Drug dealer George snorts cocaine. He tells his friend Dulli and copilot Leon, “This is Grade A, 100% pure Columbian cocaine, ladies and gentlemen.” (0:03, 1:45)

George, narrating: “And everyone was getting stoned.” His friend Barbie smokes a joint then gives George a shotgun. (0:08)

George’s friend Tuna pours marijuana on a table and tells George and Barbie, “We’re gonna make up three-finger lids, and we’re gonna sell’m on the beach.”
Barbie: “Look, if you really want to score some dope, I got the guy.” (0:09)

George tells drug dealer and business owner Derek, “We’d like to buy some pot.”
Derek shows George and Tuna a bag of marijuana.
Derek: “It’s your pot.” (0:11)

George and Tuna sell marijuana on the beach: “If you bought grass, you bought it from us.” (0:12)

George’s friend Kevin Dulli smokes a bong.
George: “Oh, well this calls for a joint.”
Dulli: “I’m too fucked up.”
Tuna: “That’s nice weed, huh.”
Dulli: “I’m fucking wasted.”
”I’m fucking stoned. I’m fucking stoned. I’m fucking really stoned. I’m fucking stoned, man.”
George: “Stoned?” (0:13)

George tells Derek, who is smoking with a roach clip, “I know it’s a lot of weight, but you can’t get pot like this back home.”
”The best pot, you can charge 500 a pound.”
Derek: “I’m paranoid.” (0:15)

George asks Ramon, “Como, marijuana?”
”El weed.” (0:19)

Barbie asks, “Do you have some pot?” (0:19)

George asks a bartender, “Donde esta pot? Do you know where we can get some pot?” (0:19)

Tuna asks a little girl, “Do you know we’re we can find some marijuana? We’re looking for marijuana.” (0:19)

Tuna asks a taxi driver, “Smoke, man, marijuana?” (0:19)

Santiago tells George, “Ramon tells me you’re looking for some mota.” (0:20)

Derek smells marijuana bud. (0:24)

Judge: “George Jung, you stand accused of possession of 660 pounds of marijuana with intent to distribute.” (0:27)

Burial service for Barbie in cemetery. (0:30)

His mother Ermine asks George, “What, you mean the drug money?” (0:33)

Ermine asks George, “You don’t think people know you’re a drug dealer? Everyone knows you’re a drug dealer.” (0:36)

George asks his class of inmates, “How about... I teach you how to smuggle drugs?”
Inmate: “You don’t know dick about smuggling no drugs.”
George: “I was arrested in Chicago with 660 pounds of grass.”
Another inmate: “How the fuck you get 660 pounds of weed?” (0:41)

George’s cellmate Diego asks him, “What do you know about cocaine?” (0:42)

George: “I went in with a bachelor of marijuana, came out with a doctorate of cocaine.” (0:43)

George tells kingpin Cesar, “I put the coke in the false bottoms, and I take it through customs.”
Cesar: ”I do not trust $600,000 worth of coca to someone I don’t know.” (0:44)

George: “When you’re carrying drugs across the border... a little Transcendental Meditation, if you will... if they find 15 kilos of blow in your suitcases.” (0:46)

Cesar tells pilot Jack, “We’re entrusting you with millions of dollars worth of coca.” (0:49)

George: “The favor was to pick up 50 kilos of cocaine.” (0:51)

A man testing white powder tells George and Derek, “Pure coke, uh, it melts away at about 185, 190 degrees.”
”Well, do you mind if I do a line.”
They all snort cocaine.
Derek: “I don’t see you in two years and you show up at my... door with 110 pounds of blow?” (0:53)

Kingpin Pablo Escobar tells George, “Coffee, bananas, these are our main export, along with mota... Our business here today is cocaine, yes?”
George: “I can transport the cocaine...” (0:59)

George: “Cocaine exploded upon the American culture like an atomic bomb... In fact, if you snorted cocaine in the late 1970s or early ‘80s, there was an 85% chance it came from us.” (1:02)

George describes Mirtha: “Beautiful, passionate, and as crazy as I was.” (1:08)

When George finds pregnant Mirtha snorting cocaine, she tells him, “I quit smoking, didn’t I?” (1:09)

George tells Diego, “You’re driving me... crazy.”
Diego: “I’m driving you... crazy? You’re driving me... crazy.” (1:12)

George, “Diego, I want you to very calmly tell these nice gentlemen where the... cocaine is.” (1:13)

George takes a snort of cocaine. (1:15)

Diego snorts cocaine. (1:17)

George snorts cocaine. (1:23)

When he sees the birth of his daughter George faints. (1:23)

George: “The official toxicity limit for humans is between one and one and a half grams of cocaine, depending on body weight... I snorted 10 grams in 10 minutes once. I guess I had a high tolerance.” (1:24)

George: “I came home and cleaned up my act... sober as a judge... After five years of laying low, still sober...” (1:25)

Mirtha holds a large bowl of cocaine. (1:27)

George, referring to the DEA raid: “Maybe it was... the cocaine buffet.” (1:28)

Agent tells George, “The pound of cocaine was for personal use.” (1:29)

Mirtha snorts cocaine as George drives.
She screams at police, referring to George, “He’s a fugitive and... cocaine dealer.” (1:34)

Mirtha, by telephone: “I’m divorcing you, George. I’m getting custody of Kristina.” (1:36)

George snorts cocaine. (1:45)

George tells Dulli, “... nuts.” (1:47)

George: “I was... set up by the FBI and the DEA.” (1:48)

Did George hallucinate Kristin visiting him in prison? (1:56)