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Blue Sky

Jessica Lange, Tommy Lee Jones, Powers Boothe
Sigmund Freud | chlorpromazine
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By (0:19) we see signs of possible personality disorder in Carly. Her husband Hank, a US Army Major, minimizes her cluster B behaviors to their daughters.

Carly's daughter Alex says about her mother, "She's got to see somebody [apparently referring to a mental health professional]... She needs help." Hank responds, "She needs help arranging the furniture and unpacking the suitcases Ms. Freud [apparently referring to Sigmund Freud]." (0:20)

Carly tells Hank she has had him committed to a psychiatric hospital. (1:12)

Army psychiatrist Dr. Vankay greets Carly and explains that because of "procedures" she will not be able to visit Hank in the hospital for two weeks. (1:14)

Dr. Vankay tells Carly, "Everyone here is under temporary sedation." He walks her and the daughters through a hospital day room to visit Hank who sits at a picnic table outdoors. He appears to suffer from extrapyramidal symptoms causing slow thick speech. Could this result from chlorpromazine? Since Hank appears to suffer from no mental disorder would you consider this chemical restraint? (1:15)

Becky asks Alex, "Do you think craziness is hereditary?" (1:18)

Hank's commanding officer Vince meets Dr. Vankay at the hospital. (1:32)