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Change of Plans

Emmanuelle Seigner, Dany Boon
Blog entry

On hospital rounds oncologist Alain asks another doctor or nurse about "painkillers" for patient Mr. Andrieux. She answers, "Morphine via electric syringe." (0:05)

Divorce attorney Marie-Laurence asks her husband, Piotr, after observing that he never gets worked up, "How many you taken today?" He replies, "None, I dumped the whole box in the stew, so we'll all be high." (0:07)

Gynecologist Mélanie asks her husband Alain whether Piotr is sick. He replies, "No, depressed. Once we define something wrong." (0:12)

Marie-Laurence discusses her husband with Alain. She says, "Depressions start that way." He responds, "He's not there yet." (0:21)

At the dinner table author Sarah observes, "We're all alike except at the shrink." Piotr asks her, "You been analyzed?" She responds, "10 or 15 times, like Woody Allen." (0:26)

Sarah tells the dinner party, "I'd screw up my own suicide." (0:28)

During her pelvic examination Marie-Laurence tells Mélanie, "You know Piotr, a hypochondriac... He's off tranks... He's out of his depression..." (0:36)

Alain says to the dinner party, "She's got Alzheimer's or AIDS..." Actress Juliette tries to talk to her sister Marie-Laurence about their mother's death. "How did you dress her... in her coffin?" (0:43)

Dance teacher Manuela asks, "Do you lie to the dying... So what do you tell the dying?" Alain responds, "You also have to be a psychologist." (0:47)

Attorney Lucas tells the party his wife Sarah is working on a book, the subject of which is "Daring, but commercial: autism." He says, "Autism isn't taboo." Juliette's lover Erwann agrees, "You're right, autism isn't taboo." (0:54)

In a television interview, after publishing her book, Sarah says, "My brother's autistic." (1:32)