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Changing Hearts

Brad Johnson, Brian McNamara
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Public relations consultant James tells his coworker Kate, "Killer instincts." (0:08)

James, after bumping his head, tells maid Paige, "Sorry, head trauma." (0:26)

James' B & B owner father Henry, referring to Tom, "You drive your brother crazy, Jimmy."
James: "It's easier to let him wallow in self-pity."
Henry: "You know, I used to look at people in wheelchairs and wonder how they could not go stir crazy..." (0:33)

By telephone Kate tells James, "You must be going so stir crazy." (0:46)

Burial of Henry in a cemetery. (0:51)

James asks Paige, referring to Paige's mother, "What about rehab or something?"
Paige: "She's not sober much." (0:59)

His mother Barbara tells James, referring to memory of Henry, "I don't want to lose him." (1:14)