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Cliff Robertson, Claire Bloom, Lilia Skala, Leon Janney, Ruth White, Dick Van Patten, Edward McNally, Barney Martin, William Dwyer, Dan Morgan
marijuana | ethyl alcohol-wormwood-green anise | thujone
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Adult bakery janitor Charly writes and talks in class at a level below that expected for his age. (0:03)

Teacher and psychology student Alice tests Charly for abstraction and ability to categorize. (0:05)

Alice tells Charly to make up stories: “What happened in this picture?” Thematic Apperception Test? (0:07)

Researcher Anna reads to researcher Richard and Alice: “His performance IQ is 59, verbal 69, full scale 70."
"And we have other retardates who might be more suitable.”
Alice: "Doctor isn’t it true that the average retardate is overly sensitive and sometimes hostile?” (0:20)

Charly undergoes psychosurgery. (0:32)

Charly confronts a puzzle test. (0:34)

Anna, supervising a group of mentally retarded children, tells Alice, “You’re a psychologist. You know that Charly has made a transference and at this point is completely dependent upon you. Yes. He's involved with you emotionally.“ (0:55)

Doctor Richard tells Anna, referring to Charly, “With the next step that of attaining insightful function and the ability to restructure.” (0:01)

A young woman smokes a joint. (1:08)

Charly asks Alice, "By the way, how do your surgical techniques work on retarded computers?" (1:16)

Anna tells Richard, referring to the mice, “Some of the behavioral psychologists in the audience might care to see." (1:17)

Alice tells Charly, "There's absolutely no need to be nervous."
Charly: “No reason to be nervous." (1:17)

Charly tells the audience he sees “... a beautifully purposeless process of society suicide.” (1:23)

Richard tells Anna and Alice, “This regressive syndrome may be limited to the mice.” (1:32)

Charly thinks out loud about his brain research: "The cortical surface... for converting synaptic memory into DNA storage." (1:33)

Poster of The Absinthe Drinker by Degas on the door of Charly's apartment. (1:41)