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Chicken with Plums

Mathieu Amalric, Edouard Baer, Maria de Medeiros, Golshifteh Farahani, Eric Caravaca, Chiara Mastroianni, Mathis Bour, Enna Balland, Didier Flamand, Serge Avedikian, Rona Hartner, Jamel Debbouze, Isabella Rossellini, Christian Friedel, Julie Goldstein
opium, raw
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Shop owner Houchang tells violinist Nasser-Ali he has “opium” in his shop.”
But taste this opium first.”
He offers him a pipe. (0:09)

Houchang offers Nasser-Ali the opium pipe again. Nasser-Ali smokes. (0:12)

Nasser-Ali’s son Cyrus asks the babysitting neighbor, “Do you have opium?” (0:13)

Narrator: “Since no violin would ever again give him the pleasure of playing, Nasser-Ali decided to die. Eight days later... he was buried beside his mother.”
Burial (0:16)

Narrator: “So, Nasser-Ali had decided to die.
Nasser-Ali lies across a railroad track.
Nasser-Ali jumps from a cliff.
Nasser-Ali shoots himself in the head. (0:16)

Article title: “The Painless Suicide... kill oneself without suffering”
Narrator: “Then he remembered an article in a scientific journal, maintaining that the least painful way of departing this life was to take barbiturates then slip a plastic bag over one’s head.”
He swallows a bottle of pills then suffocates in a plastic bag. (0:17)

Narrator, referring to Nasser-Ali and his daughter Lili: “They were both... desperately melancholic.” (0:21)

Nasser-Ali’s brother Abdi tells his wife, referring to his sister-in-law Faranguisse, “The woman’s an idiot.”
”She’s an idiot.” (0:24)

Abdi tells Nasser-Ali, “I understand you’re depressed about your violin...” (0:28)

A student asks “Socrates, why did you drink this poison?” (0:32)

Narrator: “Sometimes Nasser-Ali was confused by his master...” (0:46)

Irâne’s shopkeeper father describes a clock to Nasser-Ali: “Solid gold face, insanely accurate mechanics...” (0:50)

Burial of Nasser-Ali’s mother Parvine. A beggar tells Nasser-Ali, “You think I’m crazy.” (0:56)

The Angel of Death tells Nasser-Ali, “Technically speaking, things are different for suicides.” (1:04)

Burial of Nasser-Ali. (1:25)