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Children of the Century

Juliette Binoche, Benoît Magimel, Stefano Dionisi
ethyl alcohol-wormwood-green anise | opium, raw
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Writer George says, "An honest woman has no choice but to give in or commit suicide." (0:12)

Poet Musset asks George, "Shall we jump? We'll never live another moment like this." (0:40)

Musset asks Dr. Pagello, "Can one find opium here?"
Pagello: "Of course. For insomnia?" (0:56)

Musset asks Pagello, "Did you find any opium?" (0:59)

Pagello tells Musset, "I have your opium." (1:04)

Pagello tells George, after Musset is injured in a fall, "It's my fault. I gave him the opium." Convinced that Musset will die, George appears racked with grief, and attempts herself to take an overdose. Pagello stops her. (1:09)

Musset appears to be delirious. (1:12)

Musset pleads with George and Pagello, "Don't send me to a madhouse." (1:21)

Exquisite close-up of the bulb of the opium pipe Musset is smoking. (1:25)

Musset tells his friend, "I ought to blow my brains out." (1:28)

Musset tells Aimée at a party after spilling the contents of a pillbox, "They're opium cachous." (1:34)

In a letter to Musset , George writes, "But you were delirious." (1:54)

George asks her publisher (Planche?), "He tried to find inspiration in absinthe?" (2:03)

George learns that Musset has died. (2:06)

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