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Chuck & Buck

Sigmund Freud
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Executive Chuck reads a letter from his childhood friend Buck: "I am okay, except my mom has died... The funeral is Saturday..." (0:02)

Memorial service. (0:03)

Buck tells theater house manager Beverly, "I have a... when I'm nervous." (0:30)

Buck watches through their bedroom window as Chuck and his fiancée Carlyn make love. (0:42)

By telephone Chuck tells Buck, "You really freaked out my assistant today."
"I don't know why you've fixated on me." (0:48)

Chuck tells Carlyn, referring to Buck, "Uh, he's crazy."
”His parents were nuts." (0:52)

Beverly tells Buck, referring to actor Tommy, "Yes, and his mother's freaking out." (0:56)

Beverly tells actor Sam, "Well you wouldn't be playing it like a little retarded kid..." (0:57)

Buck tells Sam, "I'm nervous."
Sam: "Nervous about what?" (1:01)

Chuck tells Carlyn, referring to Buck, "I told you he's... crazy." (1:08)

Buck tells Carlyn, "You want to act like I'm crazy..."
Carlyn: "Buck, I'm gonna give you the number of my therapist." (1:12)

Promoter: "Freudian."
Chuck: "Freudian. Freudian's a great band."
Promoter: "... we would be happy to work something with Freudian."(1:13)