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Citizen Ruth

Laura Dern, Swoosie Kurtz, Burt Reynolds, Kelly Preston, Mary Kay Place, Kurtwood Smith, M.C. Gainey, Kenneth Mars, Tippi Hedren, David Graf, Kathleen Noone
marijuana | paint | glue
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Her brother Tony asks Ruth, "Are you high?" (0:04)

Ruth huffs paint spray using a tampon as a filter then nods off. (0:07)

Emergency room doctor: "Still huffin' that stuff pretty good aren't you Ruth?" (0:09)

Television voice refers to "manufacture of dope."
Judge Richter: "Do you know how many times you've been arrested for hazardous vapor inhalation...?"
"Do you know how many times we've given you substance abuse treatment in the state hospital...?" (0:10)

Ruth eyes young Matthew's model cement. (0:21)

Ruth tells anti-abortion activist Gail, "If I could just stop the huffing..." (0:24)

Ruth smokes marijuana with a glass pipe. (0:25)

Gail's husband Norm tells Ruth the people outside are "just a couple of loonies." (0:36)

Activist Diane tells Ruth, "Gail's been going on and on about how you're going to give up drugs..." (0:39)

While drinking liquor, Ruth huffs model cement fumes from a paper bag.
Matthew tells Ruth, "That looks like my model glue. Is that my model glue?"
Norm tells Ruth, "I want you to get off drugs right now."
Gail tells Ruth, "That doesn't mean you can go around smelling drugs..."
"Put her in a halfway house."
Norm: "Halfway house?! She wouldn't last 5 minutes in a halfway house."
Diane tells Gail and Norm, "You know I worked with substance abusers..." (0:44)

Television commentator reports Ruth was "charged with criminally endangering the life of her fetus because of her drug use."
Reporter Cindy: "Stoney said Stoops' number one priority... is to get off drugs and alcohol." (0:50)

Activist woman, referring to Ruth: "They've got her all doped up."
Police officer Bundy: "She's about as sober as I've ever seen her." (0:55)

Ruth huffs household cleaner. (1:02)

Diane's partner Rachel asks Ruth, "Can you stay off of drugs...?"
Ruth: "I can give up drugs if I want." (1:10)

Harlan asks her, "What's the matter Ruth? Can't you take a little tough love?" (1:19)