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Jeremy Renner, Bruce Davison, Artel Great, Matt Newton
marijuana | Jeffrey Dahmer
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(See also: Raising Jeffrey Dahmer)

Candy factory worker Jeffrey objects to shopper Khamtay, "that we've gotten to a point where doing nice things for people is considered insane." (0:05)

Jeffrey crushes pills from a prescription bottle, pours the powder into a drink, stirs it and serves it to Khamtay. (0:06)

Khamtay appears sedated. (0:08)

Jeffrey pours a substance from a small vial into a drink, gives it to a man in a bar who becomes sedated. (0:39) He repeats the process over and over. (0:42)

Jeffrey has only two pills left. He crushes them for knife shop salesman Rodney's drink. (0:45)

Jeffrey ask Rodney about his aunt: "She lose her memory?"
Rodney: "She had that old folks' disease."
Jeffrey: "Alzheimer's?" (0:56)

Jeffrey picks up wrestler Lance who is walking down a road. "You wanna smoke some weed?" Jeffrey lights a bong, shares it with Lance.
Lance lights a glass pipe. Jeffrey tells Lance, "You're going to become completely depressed." (1:10)

Jeffrey tells Rodney: "I'm a pervert. I'm an exhibitionist." (1:27)

Jeffrey's father Lionel tells Jeffrey: "Drinking is a disease... Therapy can give you some help." (1:35)