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Dark Asylum

Paulina Porizkova, Judd Nelson, Larry Drake
Jeffrey Dahmer
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Psychiatrist Maggie's pager: "Please come. Crestmore Asylum." (0:13)

Sign: "Crestmore Asylum."
Police officer tells Dr. Fallon, referring to Maggie, "She's the psychiatrist they picked." (0:15)

Mental health technician Connolly: "Let's have a look at your lunatic." (0:18)

Connolly tells the others nurses administered to The Trasher "amoperidol and clorazepam." The Trasher wears a camisole. Maggie tells him, "This could determine whether you are to be sentenced to a mental institution..."
"He's already been overmedicated." (0:19)

The Trasher chews his way out of his camisole. (0:22)

Maggie asks psychiatrist Fallon, "Are you insane?"
Fallon: "I've dealt with enough delusional psychotics to know... like getting a first-hand interview with Manson or Dahmer." (0:23)

Fallon tells The Trasher Maggie "is a good psychiatrist." (0:24)

Maggie tells janitor Quitz, "With that lunatic out there..." (0:45)

Quitz tells Maggie, "There is no way out except back through the asylum."
Maggie: "Isn't there any... way out of this madhouse?" (1:07)

The Trasher tells Maggie, "You must be insane."
Maggie: "May be you were just sick of being another pathetic sociopath." (1:19)