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Dark City (1998)

Rufus Sewell, Kiefer Sutherland, Jennifer Connelly, William Hurt, Richard O'Brien, Ian Richardson, Bruce Spence, Colin Friels, John Bluthal
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Psychiatrist Daniel tells John, “You have lost your memory. Something went wrong. Your memory was erased.” (0:05)

John’s singer wife Emma looks at the business card of “Daniel P. Schreber, M.D.; Psychiatrist.” (0:08)

Daniel tells Emma, “It appears that John has suffered a psychotic break. Complete memory loss.”
”He may be delusional...” (0:09)

Police inspector Frank tells policeman Husselbeck, referring to a detective, “The only thing that should be committed is Walenski. Nothing like a little healthy paranoia.” (0:14)

Stranger Mr. Hand asks Daniel, referring to John, “He has no memories then?” (0:21)

John tells Emma, “Maybe I have lost my mind...” (0:23)

John asks Frank, “Yeah, who’s gonna listen to a madman?” (0:24)

John tells Daniel, “That’s no way to greet a patient, doctor”
”Why can’t I remember anything?” (0:38)

Mr. Hand: “Instincts are irrational Mr. Wall.” (0:45)

Detective Walenski jumps in front of a train. (0:48)

Frank tells Emma, referring to his mother, “She died recently.” (0:54)

Frank tells John, “That is crazy.”
John: “You’re damn right this is crazy.” (1:02)

John tells Emma, “I know this is gonna sound crazy...” (1:04)

Husselbeck tells Frank, “Det. Walenski killed himself last night.” (1:05)

Daniel tells John, referring to the strangers, “You... you see, they have an aversion to water. One could almost call it a phobia.” Hydrophobia? (1:07)

Daniel tells John, “Your entire history is an illusion, a fabrication...” (1:13)