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Donnie Darko

Jake Gyllenhaal, Drew Barrymore, Patrick Swayze
doxepin | Drew Barrymore
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At the family dinner table Donnie tells his sister Elizabeth, "Maybe you should be the one in therapy." She snaps back, "Do you want to tell Mom and Dad why you stopped taking your medication?" (0:05)

When Donnie opens the medicine cabinet we only see the last few letters on the label: "-pin," but the 25 mg dose suggests the low dose of doxepin rather than Klonopin. (0:07)

Donnie appears to be sleepwalking, responding to the voice of a human size bunny. (0:08)

A boy at school snorts an unidentified drug. (0:17)

Donnie's dad Eddie tells him, "Tell Dr. Thurman whatever you want." (0:22)

In a session with psychiatrist Thurman Donnie tells her about his imaginary friend Frank. (0:23)

Donnie awakens to see Frank the bunny, obeys his command to flood the school. (0:25)

In another session with her Dr. Thurman hypnotizes Donnie. (0:31)

Donnie sees Frank through a flexible clear film. (0:38)

Sessions with Dr. Thurman (0:48, 1:04)

Donnie sees a clear fluid glasslike shape protruding from Frank's chest, then Samantha's, then his own, before the shape beckons him forward. (0:51)

Donnie's parents in a session with Dr. Thurman (0:54)

Donnie takes his pill. In another session Dr. Thurman tells Donnie about "daylight hallucination... common occurrence among paranoid schizophrenics." (0:55)

Donnie sees Frank while sitting in the movie theater with his girlfriend Gretchen. He responds to Frank's command to "burn it to the ground." (1:07)

Donnie asks his mother Rose, "How's it feel to have a wacko for a son?" (1:20)

In a session Dr. Thurman hypnotizes Donnie. He sees a vision of Frank. Dr. Thurman embraces Donnie and claps her hands to end the trance. (1:22)

Dr. Thurman leaves a voicemail message at Donnie's house. (1:27)

Donnie sees the fluid glasslike shape perched routing from his own chest and those of others. (1:31)

Gretchen dies when Frank drives over her in his car. (1:35)

Dr. Thurman sits up suddenly from her bed. (1:43)

Does Donnie Darko use time travel to commit suicide and undo Gretchen's death?

Reference in  Archie's Final Project