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Doom Asylum

Kristin Davis, Patty Mullen, Ruth Collins, Michael Rogen
cocaine | nitrous oxide
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The medical examiner tells his intern, referring to attorney Mitch’s movements, “It’s just a nervous reaction.” (0:03)

Jane tells Darnell, “You’re just trying to cover up your own immature fears with hysterical bravado.”
Darnell: “Hell baby, I’m just gettin’ in the mood.”
Jane: “A man who lurks around a deserted asylum and kills people with autopsy tools?” (0:07)

Mike tells Dennis, “Both Jane’s parents are psychiatrists.” (0:17)

Jane: “Should’ve known: libidinal motivation.” (0:19)

Jane: “Dennis, did anyone ever tell you that you have serious psychological aberrations?” (0:27)

Jane tells Kiki, referring to Dennis, “Jesus, is he retentive.” (0:31)

Dennis: “And the star pitcher was admitted... for further drug testing. It seems that the seizure of six grams of cocaine from his overnight luggage...” (0:32)

Jane tells Kiki, “And it begins with the conscious desire to seize one’s own destiny, to transcend the levels of animal behavior, libido, hunger, et al...” (0:38)

Jane tells Kiki, “This is a labyrinth, and a labyrinth is a symbol of inner consciousness, a common archetype.” (0:40)

Jane: “This is beginning to sound like mass delusion.”
“How would Mom and Dad deal with a delusion?”
Jane tells Mitch, “If you’re a delusion, get lost. If you’re not, I can offer you a discount on biweekly therapy by some excellent Freudians. Jungians?... shock treatment?”
Mitch: “... therapy.” (0:46)

Mike tells Kiki, “It wasn’t a mass delusion. There’s a psychopath...”
Kiki: “What’s a psychopath?” (0:49)

Movie character: “Yes, I am mad, mad with hatred and revenge.” (0:50)

Mitch prepares a syringe. (0:55)

Mitch injects Mike. (1:00)

Mitch tells Mike, “And I don’t even have malpractice insurance.” (1:04)

Label: “NITROUS OXIDE.” (1:10)