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Everybody's Fine

Robert De Niro, Drew Barrymore, Kate Beckinsale
Drew Barrymore
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Doctor Ed tells widower Frank, "You know I lost my wife. I found myself talking to her like she was still there." (0:08)

Frank's daughter Amy tells her brother Robert about their artist brother David in Mexico and her conversation with police. "They said the arrest was drug related." (0:29)

Frank denies his disappointment in Robert. He says, "I'm not disappointed. You obvioiusly are." (0:43)

A truck driver asks Frank, "You lost your wife?"
Frank: "About eight months ago."
Driver: "I lost my husband... lost him to drink, but it was my fault." (0:53)

Frank has left his wife's voice on his outgoing voice mail. (0:57)

Rosie tells Frank that David, "so never wanted to let you down." (1:08)

In a telephone conversation Amy tells Rosie, "David was caught by using drugs in a bar. He got sick so quickly that now they think he may have panicked and swallowed some of the drugs while he was arrested." (1:11)

During an imaginary meal Frank confronts all the children as young kids about lying to him. Rosie: "I didn't want to disappoint you."
David: "Act as if nothing's wrong. That's what Mom did." (1:14)

Amy tells Frank, "David died Dad."
"They said it was an overdose."
Frank cries. He imagines a conversation with David, first as a child, then as adult. (1:21)

Frank talks to his deceased wife Jean at her grave. (1:27)

Frank has recorded his own voice for the outgoing message. (1:31)