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Luke Mably, Adar Beck, Gemma Chan
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Job candidate White crushes a capsule in his mouth.
Job candidate Brown crushes a capsule in his mouth. (0:02)

Job candidate Dark: "We're in a stress scenario..." (0:14)

Job candidate Brown: "They're type A's like us." (0:33)

Brown tells Dark, "And you Dark are a shrink... psychologist or psychiatrist..."
Dark: "Psychiatrists dispense drugs to control mood." (0:34)

White: "You don't want to commit career suicide on camera..." (0:40)

Dark, referring to White: "He couldn't tell us if he did because he's a narcissist. He despises us."
"Only the ones with narcissistic personality disorder. There are nine character traits to look for: arrogance, grandiosity, uniqueness, preoccupation with power and success, and excessive need to be admired, sense of entitlement, a lack of empathy, and the twin tendencies to envy and exploit others. (0:52)

Dark: "I'm a psychologist."
Brown: "You claimed to be a student of psychology, not a practitioner. I've studied psychology too, and reverse psychology."
"Amateur psychology's a perfect tool..." (1:00)

Brown tells Dark, "So you studied psychology to find out why." (1:05)

White holds a pistol to his head as though to kill himself." (1:27)