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Fear Me Not

Ulrich Thomsen, Paprika Steen, Emma Sehested Høeg, Lars Brygmann, Stine Stengade, Josephine Märcher Sandig, Bodil Udsen, Bjarne Henriksen, Ole Boisen, Henrik Prip
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Pharmaceutical researcher Frederik tells his friend Mikael, "We're starting trials on a new antidepressant on Monday." (0:05)

A nurse tells Mikael, "This is a new product called Nyasin that we're testing for side effects." (0:06)

Mikael takes a pill. (0:09, 0:11, 0:16, 0:24, 0:53, 1:10)
"I've had trouble sleeping for the last couple of years... I feel restless..." (0:09)

Mikael tells Frederik's wife Ellen, "I'm in that antidepressant trial of his."
Ellen: "You're not depressed, I hope?" (0:12)

Mikael tells himself, "The effect of the pills has surprised me." (0:17)

Several study participants start fighting in the waiting room: "What the h..l are you doing you psycho?" Mikael punches one of them in the face. (0:18)

Frederik tells Mikael, "Anyway, we offer counseling to all the participants." (0:21)

Mikael tells himself, "I have enough pills for 4 months." (0:24)

Mikael discards his remaining supply of pills. (0:44)

Mikael retrieves the pills from the trash. (0:52)

"Pills in the morning. Pills in the evening. Pills at supper time." (1:10)

Mikael to Frederik, "You remember the trial? The pills?"
"The pills made me do all kinds of things..."
Frederik: "You never got any pills"
"You were in the placebo group."
"We gave you a placebo." (1:11)

Mikael asks Sigrid, "Do you want me to get you a sleeping pill?" (1:17)

Mikael's teen daughter Selma reads Mikael's diary on his computer: "The pills have set new thoughts in motion." (1:18)

Mikael tells Selma, referring to Sigrid, "I gave her a sleeping pill." (1:20)

Mikael tells his mother, referring to Sigrid, "She was depressed after her father died,..." (1:27)