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Final Analysis

Richard Gere, Kim Basinger, Uma Thurman, Eric Roberts
Sigmund Freud | ethyl alcohol
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In a psychotherapy session patient Diana tells psychiatrist Isaac about her checking rituals, "Today I went back eight times"
"You mean I'm passive-aggressive?" (0:02)

Defense attorney Mike tells Isaac: "My expert witness is a half hour late." (0:05)

In court Mike tells Isaac, on the witness stand, "You are head of forensic psychiatry..."
He reads from a report that the defendant "is a dangerous schizophrenic... state hospital."
Isaac: "... is not a schizophrenic... had an acute psychological breakdown... temporarily insane."
Mike: "As an expert in the area of the insanity plea..."
Isaac "State hospital... no therapy... only chemical restraints... needs... intense psychotherapy... take on the treatment myself..." (0:05)

Detective Huggins complains to Mike and Isaac about how the defendant "walks on a... insanity plea." (0:08)

Diana's sister Heather arrives in Isaac's office without an appointment. (0:11)

Isaac tells Heather, "I'm doing what all shrinks do. To paraphrase Freud I'm trying to turn her neurotic misery into general unhappiness..." (0:13)

In a session Diana tells Isaac, "I'm checking the gun now."
"I'm ambivalent..." (0:14)

Heather tells Isaac at his home, "I can't drink, I mean I don't drink." She reads the title of a paper, "The insanity defense..."
Isaac: "... symposium on law and psychiatry..." (0:17)

Isaac tells Heather what a "shrink does is you..." (0:19)

Isaac tells Heather "You're a patient's sister. It doesn't feel right." (0:21)

Heather tells Isaac, referring to Diana: "I just think she's blocked it all out." (0:24)

In a session Diana tells Isaac about a dream in which she is "arranging flowers... violence"
Isaac: "Violence?"
Diana: "I didn't say violence."
"I said violates. I said violets." (0:29)

In a hospit Isaac talks to psychiatrist Alan about his research into "Ethics. Even the special annotations for psychiatry..."
Alan: "The shrink with a weakness..." (0:29)

Heather asks her husband Jimmy and the others in a restaurant: "Can't you smell it? Burning bodies everywhere." Olfactory hallucination?
Dr. Lee tells Jimmy: "Your wife suffers from pathological intoxication."
"... violent response to even the smallest amounts of alcohol and never remember a thing."
A nurse injects Heather. (0:39)

Heather tells Isaac "There're a lot of lunatics out there." (0:39)

Heather tells Isaac, "Something happens when I drink... never can remember."
Isaac: "Did they call it... pathological intoxication?"
(referring to cold medicine) "It can be like 20-25% alcohol." (0:56)

Alan tells Isaac and Mike: "... I published a study in the Journal of General Psychiatry." (1:01)

Mike tells the court, "Heather Evans has no memory of the events of that night." (1:03)

The prosecuting attorney asks expert witness Grusin, "What about pathological intoxication?"
Judge: "She's an expert witness."
Grusin: "No one has ever shown any physical evidence of pathological intoxication."
"Pathological intoxication."
Mike cross examines: "How many patients have you treated with pathological intoxication?"
"I have no more questions for the expert witness." (1:05)

Mike asks Alan, on the stand: "Doctor, what quantity of alcohol must be consumed to produce a severe psychotic reaction in a person suffering from pathological intoxication?"
Alan: "Patients don't recall the incidents."
Mike: "... no evidence of mental disorder."
Alan (cross examined): "... I had an opportunity to conduct a study on pathological intoxication... published in the Journal of General Psychiatry."
Mike:"... in the acute psychotic phase of their illness? Didn't one of them slash her wrists?"
Alan: "One of them threw himself in front of a BART train." (1:09)

The jury foreman reads the verdict that Heather was "not responsible by reason of temporary insanity due to pathological intoxication."
Judge: "...order that she remain in the custody... hospital... no longer suffers from active dangerous mental disorders." (1:12)

Female speaker: "Everyone has heard Freud's rhetorical question... Elsewhere Freud refers to the female sex... In his Interpretation of Dreams... woman's libido is essentially masochistic... violets... unconscious need..." (1:15)

Isaac picks a copy of Interpretation of Dreams from a library shelf. (1:15)

Huggins tells Isaac the "doorman's a pill head..." (1:25)

In a session with Isaac, Diana says, "My father died... drunk."
(referring to Heather) "She's under so much stress." (1:28)

Heather asks Isaac, "What would a shrink call somebody like me, Isaac?" (1:30)

Heather tells two men she believe are assistant district attorneys, "Recently I've been found temporarily insane... He knew I suffered from pathological intoxication, but he became obsessed." One of them reveals himself as a forensic physician and injects Heather with an unidentified drug: "There was no indication of psychosis."
The other turns out to be an insurance consultant: "Talk about paranoid."
Isaac: "The anxiety... full scale organic psychosis..." (1:32)

Isaac tells Diana, "I will help you find another therapist." (1:32)

Isaac tells Heather, "He passed out drunk that night."
Heather: "You think you can shrink me...?" (1:56)