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Forget Paris

Billy Crystal, Debra Winger, Joe Mantegna
Adolf Hitler | fluoxetine | Prozac | hormone
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Basketball player Barkley asks referee Mickey Gordon, "Are you crazy?" (0:04)

His fiance Liz tells Mickey’s sports columnist friend Andy, "I'm a little nervous, alright?"
”What, are you crazy?”
Andy: ”Mickey's going out of his mind.” (0:06)

Mickey tells an airline worker, "If I was Hitler, you'd give me my father." (0:09)

Airline worker Ellen Andrews tells Mickey, "Well, I'll leave you in your grief." (0:14)

Burial of Mickey’s father in a graveyard (0:15)

Ellen tells Mickey, "Patton."
Mickey: ”Patton?”
Ellen: ”An American in Paris?” (0:22)

Andy tells Liz, referring to Mickey, "He grew up in a family where the dog committed suicide." (0:25)

Mickey thinks, referring to an Irate fan, "What's the matter, the Prozac didn't kick in?" (0:30)

Basketball player Kareem Abdul-Jabbar asks Mickey, "What are you, nuts?"
”You're nuts.”
Basketball player: ”Are you out of your mind?”
Mickey: ”Am I crazy?” (0:30)

Ellen tells Mickey, "Everybody thought I was crazy, but here I am."
”My mother died when I was in high school.” (0:33)

Helen tells Mickey, "I'm confused."
Mickey: ”You're confused?” (0:35)

By telephone, Mickey asks Andy, "You remember that fourth grade teacher who crossed her legs, and we went nuts?" (0:38)

Mickey’s car sales manager friend Craig asks his wife Lucy, "Are you crazy?" (0:42)

Andy tells the others, referring to Ellen’s father, "Arthur is the kind of guy who can drive you insane." (0:55)

Liz tells Andy, "Any man who refers to his wives as ‘Mrs. Jack’ is an idiot. Any man who repeats it is a bigger idiot." (1:04)

Lucy tells Liz, referring to Ellen and Mickey, "They went to a marriage counselor." (1:10)

Ellen tells Lucy, "Mickey has to give me these injections every morning." (1:16)

Lucy answers Craig, "That you wanted to give Ellen her injections." (1:16)

Mickey asks a nurse if she has "Barbarella?" (1:18)

Craig: "Mickey tries to convince the cop that he's not a perverted lunatic." (1:21)

Lucy: "You have to remember that besides the disappointment she's pumped full of those hormone shots." (1:21)