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Louis-Do de Lencquesaing, Benjamin Utzerath, Vincent Nemeth, Johanna Korthals Altes, Jean-Claude Caër, Andrey Chelpanov
Paul Goebbels | Hermann Goering | Adolf Hitler
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Narrator Alexandre: “My dear Marianne, I’m not in the mood for humor." (0:05)

Adolf Hitler (0:10, 0:31, 1:14)

Narrator: “World War I was almost domestic, was fought family by family, and was thus particularly cruel and insane.” (0:22)

Narrator: “Petain... believes in the possibility and necessity of partnership with Hitler.” (0:31)

Alexandre asks Napoléon Bonaparte,“Are you stalking me and eavesdropping?” (0:43)

Narrator: “The German military followed Hitler’s orders...” (1:02)

Narrator: “In the distant chateaux the treasures are safe from even the hands of high-ranking art lovers, such as Hitler, Goering, Goebbels...” (1:15)

German officer Count Franz Wolff-Metternich tells the head curator of the Louvre, “M. Jaujard, you seem permanently stressed.” (1:18)

Grave of Jaujard (1:21)

Alexandre tells Wolff-Metternich, “Hitler’s state leaders are displeased with you.” (1:22)

Coffin, then grave, of Wolff-Metternich (1:23)