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Pierre Niney, Paula Beer, Ernst Stötzner, Marie Gruber, Johann von Bülow, Anton von Lucke, Cyrielle Clair, Alice de Lencquesaing
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Anna visits the grave of her fiance Frantz. (0:02)

Anna finds Adrien at Frantz’s grave. (0:07)

Anna and Frantz’s mother Magda find Frantz’s father Hans in Frantz’s room still grieving. (0:10)

Anna and Adrien at Frantz's grave (0:21)

Adrien faints while playing Franz’s violin. (0:34)

Adrien, referring to Anna’s suitor Kreutz: “Imbecile.” (0:45)

Anna finds Arien at the cemetery. (0:47)

Anna waters the flowers at Frantz’s grave. (0:57)

Magda joins Anna at Frantz’s grave. (0:58)

Anna visits Frantz’s grave in the rain. (0:58)

Anna tries to drown herself. (1:01)

Kreutz tells Anna, “My behavior was foolish, idiotic.” (1:10)

Anna sees Frantz in the face of another train passenger. (1:16)

Anna discovers the title of the painting by Manet Adrien referred to: The Suicide. (1:22)

Anna asks a physician, referring to Adrien, “So he committed suicide?”
”Go to the office, and consult the patients’ register” (1:24)

Anna grieves when she believes Adrien has died. (1:25)

Anna visits a cemetery searching for Adrien’s grave. (1:25)

Adrien’s aunt, a widow tells Anna, referring to her dead husband, “He took matters into his own hands.” (1:27)

Anna finds a copy of The Suicide on the wall of her room at Adrien’s home. (1:35)

Adrien’s fiance Fanny tells Anna, “Adrien’s family thought he’d lost his mind.” (1:36)

Adrien’s mother tells the others, referring to the ringing of bells, “It was madness.”
Adrienne tells a guest that on Armistice day he was “In the madhouse.” (1:37)

Anna views The Suicide at the Louvre. (1:48)