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Ice Cube, Chris Tucker, Nia Long, Tommy 'Tiny' Lister
marijuana | phencyclidine
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Big Worm asks Smokey, "You still ain't sold that weed?" (0:12)

Smokey tells Craig, "I know that you don't smoke weed... but I'm gonna get you high today..." (0:15)

Smokey tells Craig, "I want to smoke this joint..." (0:17)

Smokey holds paper in his left hand, a joint in his right. Craig tells Smokey, "All you do is smoke weed." Smokey puffs on a joint. Posters on the wall: "Blunt," "Mary Jane," "Nickel" (0:19)

Craig asks Smokey, "How you gonna sell bud when you smoke it?" (0:19)

Smokey shows Craig a bag of marijuana: "Go in the house, get me something to roll this up with." (0:24)

Smokey rolls a joint: "Weed is from the earth." He smokes a joint, then two joints, then three. (0:25)

Smokey rolls a joint. (0:27)

Smokey and frinnds share a joint in a car. "It's angel dust..." (0:28)

Smokey in underwear intoxicated from phencyclidine(?) (0:29)

Smokey smokes a joint: "I been gettin' high all week." (0:35)

Craig lights a joint, smokes, shares with Smokey. (0:36)

Felicia tells Smokey. "Let me borrow a joint"; Craig appears intoxicated with altered perceptions. (0:38)

Craig hallucinates a man in a cabinet. (0:40)

Debbie asks Craig, "Are you high?" (0:42)

Craig asks, "Am I trippin?" He hears ceramic dogs whining like real ones. (0:44)

Smokey tells Craig, "I'm high." (0:45)

Smokey tells Craig, "I smoked up his weed." (0:56)

Smokey tells Big Worm: "I'm goin' to rehab." He lights a joint. (1:28)