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Jennifer Jason Leigh, Mare Winningham, Ted Levine, Max Perlich
heroin | diazepam | clonidine
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The question I found myself asking: What defined the conflict between these two sisters? Was it Sadie's substance abuse or personality clash? Did birth order or family emotional process contribute? Does Sadie have a personality disorder? If so, which one?

Dad appears only twice (once as Sadie's hallucination during opiate detox 1:37), and we hear nothing of Mom.

Sadie and her fellow musicians frequently appear intoxicated, but we see more drinking than drug use. With Sadie, unless she is withdrawing, we can barely draw the line.

Numerous brief references to drugs: Sadie talks about Trucker's joints (0:16). Sadie mentions "blow" to Herman (0:31). Herman mentions "smack" (1:01). Morning glory seeds (1:02).

While generally we cannot tell which drug or combination a character has used, in one scene Sadie and Jasmine, both intoxicated, lie in bed next to a table with a syringe. Jasmine mentions detox and says, "Don't touch my 'wake up'," apparently referring to the dose, presumably of heroin, he has prepared for morning (1:29).

Sadie appears to be withdrawing from heroin in an airport (1:31) where she waits for a flight to a hospital for detox. At the hospital, presumably a rehabilitation facility, a nurse explains she will give Sadie "Valium" as well as clonidine (mispronounced) patches "for the heroin" (1:35).