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Happy Tears

Demi Moore, Parker Posey, Rip Torn, Ellen Barkin
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Jayne's husband Jackson appears to shrink at a party (0:21)

Dr. Sims tells Jayne her father Joe suffers from a "rare form of dementia." (0:23)

Jayne whispers to her sister Laura in front of Joe about "dementia, no cure..." (0:24)

Jayne and Laura share a joint. (0:27)

Jayne recalls her mother's death. (0:41)

Jayne dreams about her husband Jackson bouncing around a padded cell while restrained in a camisole. (0:43)

Jayne tells Joe's "nurse" Shelly, "I'm afraid my husband's losing his mind." Shelly replies, "You better commit him." (0:48)

Jayne manipulates the emergency room nurse for something (probably a narcotic analgesic) "a little better than sufficient" for shoulder pain after a motor vehicle accident. (1:02)

Jayne shares a joint with Ray, the son of Joe's friend Mitch. (1:10)

Ray shows Jayne a container of yellow capsules. Each of them swallows one. (1:14)

Jayne says, "I can't believe I OD'd." (1:17)

Jayne tells Laura Jackson does not want children because of his fear "that he'll pass on his neuroses." (1:19)

Jayne and Laura visit the grave of their mother Mallory. (1:23)

Jayne visits Jackson at a psychiatric hospital. (1:27)