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Hide and Seek (2000)

Daryl Hannah, Jennifer Tilly, Bruce Greenwood, Vincent Gallo
chloroform | meperidine | Demerol | hormone
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Fertility technician Frank appears to use chloroform to render Anne unconscious then injects her. (0:02)

Fertility specialist Dr. Webster tells Anne, “You know the symptoms you’ve been experiencing are probably due to a number of hormonal changes... If you’ve been under severe stress you know that can really wreak havoc on your system.” (0:14)

Frank's wife Helen tells Frank, “It’s too late moron.” (0:16)

Helen, referring to Anne: “Frank, she’s crazy... Psycho bitch!” (0:23)

Funeral for Anne. (0:28)

Helen tells Frank, “No, you’ll confuse the baby.” (0:31)

Helen tells Anne, “I myself find that, when I’m a little bit depressed, it’s always nice to put on makeup.” (0:34)

Detective Duncan tells Jack, “The best help that I can give you right now is to recommend a good therapist.” (0:48)

Helen tells Dr. Gardner, referring to Anne, “She took a painkiller earlier.”
”As a matter of fact, doctor, between you and me, I think she might be faking it a little bit. You see she’s kind of a hypochondriac.”
Gardner: “She might have a concussion.” (1:10)

Helen asks Anne, “Too many drugs for you?” (1:13)

Helen calls Anne “You psycho bitch.”
Anne: “I’m gonna kill myself...” (1:32)