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House of Fools

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Yuliya Vysotskaya, Yevgeni Mironov, Sultan Islamov, Stanislav Varkki, Yelena Fomina, Marina Politsejmako, Rasmi Dzhabrailov, Vladimir Fyodorov, Vladas Bagdonas, Anatoli Adoskin, Bryan Adams
promazine | Aminazine | marijuana | epinephrine | Adrenalin
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Patients watch for a train through the day room windows. (1:00)

Patient Vika, talking to no one in particular, asks, "Had your little fix?... A generation of junkies and trash." 
"Physical abuse is illegal. That's a violation of the law on psychiatric care..." (0:04) 

Vika tells patient Alikhan, "You maniac, schizophrenic... Maniac, schizophrenic..." (0:06)

Vika tells the psychiatrist, "That's a violation of the rules of psychiatric care." (0:15)

Patient Mahmoud starts a fire in the day room. (0:17)

The psychiatrist tells a nurse to administer "Aminazine up the backside."
"Strap them to their beds." (0:21)

Staff restrain a male patient to force feed him with a nasogastric tube. (0:21)

Mahmoud struggles against restraints in his bed. (0:22)

A sign painted on the hospital by Chechen soldiers reads "mental patients." (0:39)

A Russian soldier asks a Chechen soldier, "Any dope?" (0:42)

Chechen commander Vakhid asks the Russian commander, "Your commander had a stammer?" (0:44)

A Chechen soldier hands a package of drug to a Russian soldier. The Russian tells his comrade, "There's time for a quick joint." He rolls one and smokes it. (0:45)

The Russian commander asks his men, "Are you totally wasted?" (0:46)

Chechen soldier Ahmed asks patient Alikhan, "You want to take her back to the nuthouse?"
Alikhan: "It's not a 'nuthouse.'" (1:05)

Mahmoud asks the psychiatrist, "Will we have our pills again?"
Psychiatrist: "Colonel, you're holding all your pills."
Mahmoud: "Pills again." (1:30)

Russian soldier: "We're in a nuthouse." (1:33)

Psychiatrist: "It's... just an Adrenalin attack." He injects an unidentified drug in the Russian commander's arm. (1:35)

The Russian commander orders his men to "surround the asylum." (1:39)

The psychiatrist tells Russian soldiers that a bandit "stole our drugs." (1:41)