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House of Sand and Fog

Jennifer Connelly, Ben Kingsley, Ron Eldard, Shohreh Aghdashloo, Frances Fisher, Kim Dickens, Jonathan Ahdout, Navi Rawat
triazolam | ethyl alcohol
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Abstinent drug addict house cleaner Kathy’s mother asks her about her "program" in a telephone conversation then tells her, “One day at a time.” (0:07)

Kathy tells deputy sheriff Lester, “I haven’t had a drink in three years Lester.” (0:43)

Kathy tells Lester, “When I think about my sobriety I don’t think about wine. Alcohol was never a problem.” She drinks. (0:46)

Her brother Frankie tells Kathy in a telephone conversation, referring to her family, “They can... straighten you out.” (1:22)

Kathy drinks while driving. (1:24)

Kathy points Lester’s pistol at her chin, then places the muzzle in her mouth, and finally points it at her head, but it fails to fire each time she pull the trigger. (1:26)

Exiled colonel Massoud tells his son Esmail, “That woman has come here and tried to take her own life.” (1:29)

Kathy takes a prescription bottle of triazolam from the Behrani family medicine cabinet. She swallows all of the pills. (1:30)

Esmail tells Lester, “She took an entire bottle of my mother’s pills.” (1:34)

Kathy: “That’s crazy Les.“
Les: “What’s crazy is trying to kill yourself.” (1:39)

Massoud suffocates himself by taping a plastic bag over his head. (1:56)