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How to Die in Oregon

Cody Curtis, Nancy Niedzielski, Harry Bruton, Ray Carnay
Seconal | secobarbital | Nembutal | pentobarbital | morphine
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Opening text: "In 1994, Oregon became the first state to legalize physician-assisted suicide."
“Since its enactment, more than 500 Oregonians have ended their life using the law.” (0:00)

Compassion and Choices volunteer Sue tells terminally ill Adyne, “Make sure and request Seconal...”
”That’s Nembutal... Nembutal... Nembutal is well over a thousand dollars. Seconal is a hundred and thirty dollars.” (0:11)

Male voice asks cancer patient Cody, "Are you on any pain medication...?" (0:21)

Text: "She plans to take the lethal dose of Seconal..." (0:23)

Matt Lauer on national television: "Sounds harmless until you consider the tape is a step by step guide to committing suicide."
Newspaper headline: "Assisted Suicide"
Hemlock Society founder Derek Humphry: ”The patient kills themself.” (0:30)

Sign and cards read "No to Assisted Suicide." (0:37)

A passerby asks assisted suicide advocate Nancy, "Are you nuts? “ (0:48)

An interviewer tells Nancy, "The other side calls it assisted suicide. Is this assisted suicide?”
Nancy: “No, to me it’s very offensive to call it suicide. Suicide is something that someone does who is otherwise physically healthy and has their life ahead of them, that are clinically depressed..." (0:50)

Cancer patient Randy: "Mid September I received a letter from the Oregon health plan that said in the letter they would do anything for comfort and palliative care, including doctor assisted suicide?... I don't see how anybody can take their life and hold their head up high while doing it." (0:53)

Cancer patient Ray with bottle marked "SECONAL SODIUM." (0:56)

Text, referring to Ray: "He died in the hospital, physically unable to give himself the lethal dose of Seconal, a requirement of the Oregon law." (1:00)

Washington death with dignity advocate Ron tells Nancy, "It's time for you to grieve..." (1:12)

Cody’s husband Stan: "And she was supposed to be taking pain medication..." (1:16)

Cody's doctor Katherine tells Cody, "... if we don’t have oral pain medication..." (1:24)

Cody: "I am on a lot of morphine now." (1:35)

Katherine: "About three weeks ago Cody was on a very minimal amount of pain medication... need the equivalent of 10 mg. of morphine an hour, which is a lot." (1:26)

Cody: "I'm gonna take the Seconal Monday..." (1:32)

Linda prepares Seconal from bottle. Cody drinks it. (1:40)