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Jane Eyre (1996)

William Hurt, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Joan Plowright
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Student Jane awakens to discover her friend Helen has died. She visits her grave. (0:23)

Smelling smoke, governess Jane discovers a fire in Lord Rochester's bedroom. (0:56)

Rochester tells Jane she appears "a little depressed." (1:09)

After a lawyer interrupts Rochester's attempt to wed Jane he introduces the party to his wife Bertha. "Come meet Grace Pool's patient, my wife."
"She is mad... three generations of violent lunacy... better off here than she would be in a lunatic asylum."
Bertha picks up a flaming log and, screaming, runs toward Jane. (1:34)

Bertha picks up a flaming log and starts another fire. She jumps to her death. (1:38)

Would we likely diagnose Bertha with Pyromania, or do these isolated attempts to start fires represent a symptom of a more pervasive mental disorder?

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