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Julien Donkey-Boy

Ewen Bremner, Chloë Sevigny, Werner Herzog, Evan Neumann, Joyce Korine, Chrissy Kobylak
Adolf Hitler | codeine cough syrup | codeine | dextromethorphan
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Julien displays perseverative, nonsense speech with autistic thinking and neologisms. (0:06)

Julien displays inappropriate affect at dinner with his family. (0:07)

Julien’s father drinks cough syrup. He says, “Natural high, like in the mountains.”(0:09)

Julien’s father, spraying him with cold water outside, tells Julien, “... quit that moody brooding.”
“... all this moody brooding...” (0:15)

Julien: loose association, perseveration (0:21)

A priest asks Julien, “Have you ever done counseling with anybody, or therapy with anybody?”
“Or psychotherapy?”
”We have a counseling center here... but there’s no reason to think that being either anxious or stressful is an untreatable situation.” (0:24)

Julien’s father tells his other son Chris to wear the dress his mother wore when they got married, “and dance with me.” (0:28)

Julien, play acting alone in his room, pretends to confront Hitler: “This is Adolf, Adolf... Come in Adolf... So Adolf, sit down...” (0:30)

Julien perseverates. (0:46)

By telephone Julien’s sister Pearl, pretending to be their deceased mother, tells him, “All of those voices you’re hearing, those are just friendly voices.” (0:48)

Julien perseverates at the dinner table. His father tells him, “I like something like, uh, the end of Dirty Harry. I saw this Dirty Harry...” (0:50)

Julien, perseverating and wearing a bra, wrestles with Chris at home with Pearl as referee. (1:03)

After telling him how stupid he is and that he should slap his own face Julien’s father tells him, “You’ll become more intelligent.”
Julien becomes hysterical. (1:17)

Pearl tells young Chrissy, “Let’s not go crazy here.” (1:23)

Julien grieves as he takes Pearl’s miscarried fetus home where he snuggles with it in bed. (1:30)