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Life Is Hot in Cracktown

Kerry Washington, Shannyn Sossamon, Evan Ross, Brandon Routh, Victor Rasuk, RZA, Lara Flynn Boyle, Ten Travis, Ridge Canipe, Illeana Douglas
cocaine | crack cocaine | heroin
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Men smoke crack pipes. (0:02)

Hotel and convenience store clerk Manny asks his son Ramon, “You trying to drive your mommy and your daddy crazy?” (0:08)

A junky tells young Willy, “Soon as I get my meds I’ll give you some. Psychotropic lemonade.” (0:13)

Benny lights and smokes a crack pipe. His transsexual lover Marybeth tells him, “You’re fucked up.” (0:23)

Transsexual Gabrielle shows Benny and Marybeth her new breasts. (0:25)

Benny smokes crack.
Marybeth tells Gabrielle, referring to Benny, “All he wants to do is... smoke dope.” (0:27)

Concetta: “I’m going crazy, Manny, I am... going crazy.”
Manny: “I’m not in the mood." (0:37)

The Captain tells rookie cop Chad, “Crack heads.” (0:39)

Romeo lights and smokes a crack pipe. (0:43)

Syringes in boiling water. (0:47)

Marybeth nods after injecting. Works lie on the table. Benny brings needles and packets of heroin. Marybeth: “Fix me up.”
Benny: “You just fixed...” Benny injects Marybeth’s foot. (0:48)

Benny smokes a crack pipe. Marybeth snorts lines of cocaine from a mirror. (0:53)

Benny tells Marybeth, “I know that being with me must be like being with a retard.” (0:57)

Romeo smokes a crack pipe. (1:02)

Chas tells the others, “Got no... drugs.”
Romeo lights and smokes a crack pipe. He hits Willy. He lights a crack pipe for Mommy. (1:03)

Marybeth tells Benny, “Give me half a dose...” (1:09)

Partiers snort cocaine from a mirror. Others, including Benny and Fay, smoke crack pipes. (1:09)

Romeo: “Hey, where that crack at, man.” (1:14)

Benny rubs cocaine on his gums. (1:14)

Romeo smokes a crack pipe. Radio reporter Conner: “... police are concerned that this is only the opening salvo of what could be another violent drug war.”
Romeo: “We ain’t in no... drug war.”
Stacey lights a crack pipe for Romeo’s cousin. (1:17)

Chas tells Will, “Sometimes I get a little crazy.” (1:19)

Romeo smokes a crack pipe. (1:24)

Marybeth prays: “I’ll kick.” (1:29)

Gabrielle, now as male Ridley, tells Marybeth, “If I agree to... see a new shrink...”
”I just can’t afford to be a woman anymore, and don’t call me Gabrielle.” (1:31)

Marybeth flushes drugs down the toilet. (1:33)