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The Long, Hot Summer

Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward, Anthony Franciosa, Orson Welles, Lee Remick, Angela Lansbury,Richard Anderson, Sarah Marshall, Mabel Albertson, J. Pat O'Malley
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Teacher Clara tells her friend Agnes, “Those tranquilizers may see us through yet.” (0:16)

Landowner Will tells his son Jody, referring to drifter Ben, “He’s a barn burner.” (0:26)

Will tells Ben, “... in my jail we never heard of the words 'habeas corpus.'” (0:28)

Clara calls Ben “Barn burner!” (1:04)

Will asks Ben, “Am I a senile old man?” (1:06)

Will tells Jody, "Your wife's gettin' kind of anxious about you, boy."
Jody tells Will, “You keep on thinkin' I’m crazy. I'm about as crazy as a fox." (1:33)

Will tells Clara how he misses her deceased mother. (1:38)

Ben tells Clara about his arsonist (pyromaniac?) father's flammable liquids: “My old man used to keep 'em around the house in case he had a grudge he wanted to settle.” (1:48)