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Madame Bovary (2015)

Rhys Ifans, Mia Wasikowska, Paul Giamatti, Henry Lloyd-Hughes, Logan Marshall-Green, Olivier Gourmet, Ezra Miller, Laura Carmichael
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Her father Monsieur Rouault at her wedding: “Emma, when your dear mother died, I cried.” (0:07)

Legal clerk Leon tells Emma, “I fear I might be going mad.” (0:34)

Marquis Rodolphe Boulanger: “I cannot fully grasp the reason for my euphoria this morning...”
Rodolphe tells Emma, “In all truth I’m drifting into depression.” (0:45)

Woman: “I’m going mad.” (1:08)

Rodolphe tells Emma, “You really are mad.” (1:11)

Charles tells pharmacist Homais, “The irregularities of the nervous system can be perplexing.” Pharmacist Homais: “Well, you know my friend Bridaux has a dog that goes into convulsions every time you hold a snuff box up to him.” (1:13)

Tearfully, Charles tells Emma, “My father passed.” (1:23)

Emma drinks poison. (1:48)

Madame Bovary