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Monkey on My Back

Cameron Mitchell, Dianne Foster, Paul Richards
Barney Ross | heroin | morphine
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Dr. Latham tells Dr. Sullivan, "This is Barney Ross, a voluntary patient. Dr Sullivan is in charge of the withdrawal ward, and he'll take care of you."
On a form entitled "Federal Hospital for Narcotics" Latham circles the word "morphine"
Sullivan introduces Ross to "your home while you're in withdrawal."
Barney asks if he will be given "a shot"
Sullivan: "twice a day in smaller and smaller doses... That's why we call it the withdrawal ward." (0:01)

Barney tells himself he is "on my own, a junkie..." (0:03)

Boxer Barney bets in a casino then at a horse race. (0:12)

Barney bets on baseball. (0:13)

His girlfriend Cathy tells Barney "Everything you do is a gamble." (0:15)

Barney places horse race bet. (0:24)

Cathy tells Sam, referring to his gambling, "It's a disease." (0:27)

A medical staff person orders, referring to Barney, "Give him a shot." (0:45)

A doctor orders staff, "Keep him under opiates."
Barney: "That was the start. Morphine."
A corpsman tells Barney, "You had your sedative two hours ago." (0:46)

Barney tells himself, "I was taking home something else, a craving that had to be satisfied. A craving for morphine."
A doctor asks Barney, "How much morphine are you getting?" He continues, referring to the crowd at a boxing match, "That's quite a narcotic, too... Morphine's a bad substitute."
"A large proportion of them [soldiers] have been given opiates to kill their pain... no more narcotics." (0:48)

Barney: "For days I tried to fight the craving... but I was hooked. I needed the stuff more than I needed anything."
Barney breaks into the medical office where he sees a box: "Morphine Tartrate" He steals some of the drug. (0:50)

In withdrawal Barney sneezes then smashes the bathroom mirror. (0:55)

A stranger in an alley tells Barney, "If you buy me a fix I'll get you one." (0:59)

Barney in withdrawal, irritable. (1:05)

At drug dealer Rico's apartment Barney finds a spoon for cooking a fix. He trades his watch for drug. (1:08)

Barney asks a junkie, "Where's your pusher?" (1:19)

Barney prepares a syringe, injects the muscle in his upper arm. (1:22)

Cathy asks Barney, "Why didn't you tell me it was dope?" Newspaper headline reads, "RICO NABBED IN DOPE RAID." (1:25)

Barney tells Cathy, "and the dope... told myself I could kick it... The dope's stronger than me." (1:27)

Barney hallucinates a newspaper headline: "BARNEY ROSS DOPE ADDICT"
In the hospital "kickin' the habit" he continues to hallucinate, writhes in pain. (1:28)

Barney talks about "All the hell of withdrawal... but now the craving's gone... fear the craving will come back." (1:30)

Dr. Latham tells Barney, "You did a big thing... publicly admitting your addiction." (1:31)