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A Monster in Paris

Sean Lennon, Mathieu Chedid, Vanessa Paradis, Adam Goldberg, Gad Elmaleh, Danny Huston, François Cluzet, Madeline Zima, Ludivine Sagnier, Catherine O'Hara, Julie Ferrier, Matthew Géczy, Bruno Salomone,Jay Harrington, Sébastien Desjours, Bob Balaban, Philippe Peythieu
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Delivery man Raoul tells his projectionist friend Emile, “You ask her out. She swoons. She says yes. You swoon back." (0:06)

Chanteuse Lucille reads a poster: “Be cautious, and do not panic.” (0:25)

Lucille swoons at the sight of the monster. (0:34)

Detective Páte tells Commissioner Maynott, referring to the mayor, "He's not happy with all the destruction caused by your psychopathic chase in pursuit of your own ambitions."
Maynott: "Are you mad?” (1:14)