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Courtney Madison, Keanna Bradley, Mark Davis
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Disc I

This disc summarizes all the principal points and might be adequate for a layperson in itself. I disagree with Dr. Brady's use of the term "hitting bottom." She points out that one does not have to "hit rock bottom" before starting treatment. However, a more useful definition of hitting bottom involves the notion that bottom, however low or high it might be, is the point at which an addict or alcoholic decides it's time for a change.

Discs II and III

These discs elaborate on Disk I. Keep your finger on the fast forward button of your remote.

Disc IV

My favorite, this disc covers material not addressed on the others. It might be of interest to professionals as well as laypeople.

The CRAFT (Community Reinforcement and Family Training) method attributed to Dr. Meyers. (0:05)

Enabling. (0:13)

CBT for psychostimulant addiction. (0:22)

Opiate replacement therapy, including use of methadone and buprenorphine as a harm reduction strategy contrasted with abstinence. (0:47)