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The Cider House Rules

Tobey Maguire, Michael Cain, Charlize Theron
ether | ethyl alcohol
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Doctor Wilbur pours ether on a mask over his face and falls asleep. (0:06)

Wilbur tells orphan Homer, "I'm not crazy about the 'little.'" (0:08)

Orphan Buster tells Homer, "He sniffs that ether."
Homer: "Doctors smell like ether."
Buster: "You don't smell like ether."
Wilbur tells Homer, "There's something about the premature babies of alcoholic mothers." (0:09)

Wilbur tells orphan Fuzzy, referring to Wilbur's father, "Alcohol killed him. He drank himself to death." (0:19)

Wilbur falls asleep with ether.
Nurse Angela: "It's just the ether, Wilbur." (0:20)

Wilbur anesthetizes a girl with ether. (0:23)

Airman Wally tells Homer, "I think it was the ether."
Homer: "No strain. No stress." (0:28)

Wilbur uses ether. (0:39)

Wilbur tells nurses Angela and Edna, referring to orphanage officials, "He's a... psychiatrist! He'd be happy to help to commit me."
"I'd like to giver her a little ether." (0:53)

Wilbur asks the nurses, "You don't find it depressing that Homer Wells is picking apples?" (0:59)

Wilbur cries, grieving the death of Fuzzy. (1:11)

Her father, apple picker Arthur, drips ether on picker Rose's mask. (1:39) 

Picker Peaches tells Homer, referring to the orchard owners' rules: "They must think we're crazy." (1:43)

Arthur tells Homer, "That's 'cause I take my knife and stick it in the wound. I stick my own knife in there... My daughter run off. I was so sad about that, I stabbed myself. I was so unhappy that she left that I killed my own self... I was so unhappy that my daughter run off that I killed my own self."
Picker Muddy: "You lost your ownly daughter so's you killed yourself, that's what we say." (1:47)

Wilbur pours ether on his mask and wedges it against his face, then breaks the bottle.
Homer reads a letter from one of the nurses: "I can assure you that the overdose was entirely accidental." Suicide? (1:52)

Burial of Wilbur, his newly carved gravestone propped in the foreground. (1:55)