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Diminished Capacity

Matthew Broderick, Virginia Madsen, Alan Alda, Jimmy Bennett, Louis C.K., Jim True-Frost, Dylan Baker, Bobby Cannavale, Jeff Perry, Lois Smith, Tom Aldredge, P.J. Brown, Heidi Neurauter
ethyl alcohol
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Neurologist Dr. Gupta asks Cooper, "Disorientation, confusion?"
"You have improved, Cooper, but grade 3 concussions are severe and the after-effects can last awhile." (0:02)

Stan tells Casey and Cooper, "30 day chip!"
"Cooper, when you're done, I need to make an amends to you." (0:04)

Cooper's mother Belle's voice, referring to his uncle Rollie: "Dr. Hoyt calls it diminished capacity." (0:06)

Belle tells Cooper, "We could use a little sanity."
Rollie tells Wendell, "You're going nuts." (0:10)

Rollie tells Cooper, "Diminished capacity." (0:11)

Policeman Walter tells Rollie, "You're disoriented, sir."
Rollie: "I'm disoriented as you." (0:28)

Cooper tells Charlotte, "He pushed, and I hit my head on a wall. I don't remember. It's called post-concussion syndrome." (0:31)

Video: Cooper's GF Irene: "Stan has made a commitment to sobriety." (0:33)

Stan: "He just needs a beer, and maybe 90 meetings in 90 days."
”I'm Stan, and I'm an alcoholic."
"It's true, I'm powerless against alcohol... I got a meeting later. It's a step study."
Stan tells Cooper, "Look, I already owed you an amends, and now I owe you another amends." (0:36)

Rollie tells Charlotte and Cooper, "Chicago people, they're nuts." (0:47)

Dr. Gupta administers a mental status examination to Cooper and Rollie. (0:49)

Memorabilia collector Lee tells a collector, "You're making me want to kill myself."
"Those cards are your future, you retard." (1:02)

Charlotte: "Idiot." (1:06)

Collector McCormick tells Lee "But if legally the old man wasn't competent to sell it alone." (1:12)

Cooper: "Stan, talk to him. Say AA things."
Stan tells Don, "You need to take a searching, fearless moral inventory of yourself." (1:17)

Rollie: "I'm having trouble remembering things lately." (1:20)