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Kim Bodnia, Zlatko Buric, Laura Drasbæk, Slavko Labovic
cocaine | heroin
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Many scenes include drug deals: (0:04, 0:35)

Cocaine use:

  • Frank snorts lines with a straw (0:07)
  • Frank gives Vic a snort of cocaine, then tastes some on his knife (0:57)
  • Frank snorts lines of cocaine prepared on a toilet tank (0:58)
  • Frank snorts powder while driving. (1:25)

Heroin use:

  • The Swede tastes brown heroin (0:27) 
  • Radovan taste tests for heroin (1:16)
  • Vic injects, presumably heroin, into her arm using a tourniquet and syringe while sitting on a toilet (1:05)
  • A man taste tests heroin. (1:41)

Suicide: A man shoots himself in the head with a shotgun to avoid the brutal consequences of failing to pay for drugs. (0:53)