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New Jack City

Wesley Snipes, Ice-T, Allen Payne, Chris Rock
cocaine | crack cocaine | phencyclidine
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Gangster "Gee Money" gives a bottle of crack cocaine to gang leader Nino. Gangster "Duh Duh Duh" stutters. (0:8)

Nino introduces crack to the rest of the gang leaders. (0:12)

Drug deals and crack vials. (0:16)

Dozens of empty crack vials litter the street. (0:18)

Crack addict and small time dealer Pookie tells undercover cop Scott about his dependence on crack. (0:28)

Pookie, now in treatment for his addiction, talks about the negative consequences of using in group counseling. A man talks about staying clean "one day at a time." A young man talks about how he thought he could quit anytime. A woman talks about her "crack baby." (0:29)

Pookie, in group again and further along in his recovery: "When I get out I'm just going to take everything one day at a time." (0:31)

Pookie working in a crack lab. Crack addicts smoking the drug with pipes. (0:32)

Pookie struggles with his craving to use, throws down his pipe. Pookie places vials of crack in a plastic bag. (0:48)

Pookie gives in and smokes crack in a pipe. Later, in the lab, gangsters recognize his intoxication. (0:49)

Gee Money smokes crack. (0:58)

Scott and undercover cop Nick grieve at Pookie's burial. (0:59)

 Nick tells Scott how he identifies with Pookie and about his belief that drugs and death do not discriminate according to race. (1:01)

"Crack kills" painted on a basketball court. (1:05)

Nino tells Scott how he killed a woman, whom we later learn may have been Scotty's mother, on the street while intoxicated with angel dust. (1:06)