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Nymphomaniac: Volume I

Charlotte Gainsbourg, Stellan Skarsgård, Stacy Martin, Shia LaBeouf, Christian Slater, Uma Thurman, Sophie Kennedy Clark, Connie Nielsen
Lars von Trier
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Seligman tells Joe, referring to the fishing fly on the wall, “It would tie in elegantly with your discussion about nymphomania.” (0:15) 

Joe tells Seligman, referring to her “flock,” “We were committed to combat the love-fixated society.” (0:43)

Joe tells Seligman, “I’ve... lots of idiots.” (0:52)

Jerome asks Joe, “Are you completely mad?” (0:53)

Joe tells Seligman, “But this idiotic love...” (0:58)

Seligman tells Joe, “Maybe that’s how it is with memory.” (1:04)

Seligman tells Joe, “That sounds rather stressful.” (1:09)

Mrs. H. tells her sons, “It’ll stand you in good stead later in therapy. Here I sit rambling on about therapy without a thought of what it might cost.” (1:15)

Seligman: “Some people blame the addict. Other people feel sorry for the addict.”
Joe: ”But I was an addict out of lust, not out of need.”
Seligman: “Well, addiction sometimes leads to an absence of empathy.”
Joe: “For me nymphomania was callousness.” (1:20)

Joe tells Seligman, referring to an operation, “Nothing serious, but it did require anesthesia.” (1:22)

Seligman tells Joe, referring to Edgar Allan Poe, ”Well, he was a very anxiety-ridden man. He died in the most fearful way you can imagine, in something called delirium tremens. It occurs when a long time abuse of alcohol is followed by... by a sudden abstinence... You can see the most horrifying hallucinations... and you have a constant panic and paranoia... but the panic and horror remains until the moment of death.”
Joe: “I know what delirium is.” (1:24)

Seligman reads Poe, “... I... at length found myself... within view of the melancholy House of Usher.”
Joe’s physician father tells her, “I also know all the drugs the doctors have to offer.” (1:25)

Joe’s father becomes delirious. The doctor tells the nurses, “We have to fixate him.” They apply restraints. (1:33)

Joe tells Seligman, “When he died I had no feelings left.” (1:37)

Joe tells Seligman, “Normally a nymphomaniac is seen as someone who can’t get enough...” (1:42)

Trilogy: Antichrist > Melancholia > Nymphomaniac: Volume I > Nymphomaniac: Volume II

Director: Lars von Trier