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Paris Holiday

Bob Hope, Fernandel, Anita Ekberg, Martha Hyer, Preston Sturges
Elvis Presley
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Actor Bob Hunter, referring to a handkerchief: "I could have a pretty crazy evening just with this thing." (0:04)

Hunter: "It's a nervous boat." (0:15)

Hunter tells state department worker Ann McCall, "My second choice was, ‘Dig that crazy moon’." (0:18)

Hunter tells screenwriter Serge Vitry, "Edwin Booth, John Barrymore, Elvis Presley."
”I'll just kill myself.” (0:38)

Hunter tells the hotel manager, "You're losing your marbles, brother." (0:42)

Hunter tells Ann, "You are worried about me."
Ann: ”We worry about all our citizens over here.” (0:49)

Ann tells Hunter, "When you get nervous, you begin to imagine things."
Comedian Fernydel: ”Crazy, no?”
Hunter: ”Real crazy...” (0:59)


Fernydel tells the guard at the gate, "I’m wacky."
Guard: ”You're funny, but not wacky.” (1:11)

Psychiatrist Dr. Bernais tells Zara, referring to Hunter, "Typical flight syndrome."
”Paranoia, possibly schizoid.” (1:12)

Attendants put a straight jacket on Hunter. (1:15)

Hunter strolls around the day room watching other patients. (1:15)

Ann tells Hunter, "According to law they must hold a sanity hearing."
Hunter: ”I'm as sane as anybody in this room”
Ann: ”Darling, stop worrying.”
Hunter: ”Sanity trial?” (1:23)

The judge tells the representative of the American Embassy, "Dr. Bernais... has kindly accepted to act as psychiatric consultant."
The embassy representative asks Fernydel, ”Have any of Robert Hunter's recent actions led you to worry about his sanity?”
Judge: ”You say that you found out that he's crazy.”
Hunter: ”... when he says crazy, that doesn't mean crazy. It means crazy, a different kind of crazy-like.” (1:25)

Zara asks Ann, referring to Hunter, "Do you intend to testify that he is quite sane?" (1:28)

Ann testifies, referring to Hunter, "... then his lunatic tendencies became obvious."
Hunter: ”Lunatic...”
Embassy representative: ”Did you say lunatic tendencies, Miss McCall?”
Ann: ”Mr. Hunter often believes that he's the Statue of Liberty.”
Hunter: ”I'm Bob Hunter, and I'm as sane as you are, and I can prove it.” (1:30)

Fernydel: "Crazy." (1:42)