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A Passage to India

Judy Davis, Victor Banerjee, Peggy Ashcroft, James Fox, Alec Guinness, Nigel Havers, Richard Wilson, Antonia Pemberton, Michael Culver, Art Malik
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Mrs. Moore appears disturbed when she reads a gravestone in a cemetery. (0:58)

Dr. Aziz tells schoolmaster Fielding, "No doubt Major Callendar told you I'm shamming." (0:59)

Fielding tells controller Turton, referring to Adela, "Then she's mad." (1:35)

Prosecutor McBryde tells Fielding, "Psychology's different here."
McBryde, referring to Adela: "Callendar's placed her under heavy sedation." (1:37)

McBryde addresses the court, "The lady in question suffered from what is known in medical parlance as claustrophobia." (2:02)

Mrs. Moore is buried at sea. (2:06)

McBryde asks Adela, "Are you mad?" (2:16)

Fielding tells Adela, "What madness." (2:18)

Adela tells Fielding, "I call the noise in my head my echo."
Fielding: "Might the whole thing have been an hallucination?" (2:20)

Adela reads a telegram reporting the death of Mrs. Moore. (2:22)